Bandit 75XP Wood Chipper Special Deal


This Bandit Woodchipper is a very robust machine and extremely sure footed on it's large rubber tracked undercarriage. The Bandit® Model 75XP is an awesome machine for chipping avocado prunings on all-terrain effortlessly turning branches into an even mulch to distribute around the base of your trees. The remote control allows you can maneuver the machine around the orchard is a safe manner with the rubber tracks optimising the traction and stability on slopes and unprepared terrain A wide throat opening and powerful horizontal feed wheel help this overachieving chipper process stubborn branches and small trees without difficulty. The Model 75XP uses a chipping disc placed at a 90-degree angle to the infeed opening with minimal clearance to the feed wheel, making it much more effective at chipping small diameter brush and viney material than other chippers in this class and almost completely removing the chance of short blocks or foliage bunching or jamming in the infeed. The huge thrower paddles on the large cutter disc propel the chip at extreme velocity through the height adjustable discharge making a blockage extremely unlikely even with soft green avocado foliage or pine needles.