What's happening at Hydralada right now?

24 May 2019

Chard Farm love their Pellenc Leaf Remover

Hamish Haye is very pleased with the performance of their Pellenc Leaf Remover and Hydralada Rotary Vine Trimmer.  Both are very efficient and reliable ... Read More
06 June 2018

News | Hydralada Access Equipment for Farm Barn Construction

Farm Build operate throughout  Central Otago constructing barns and other shed building work.  Owner Pat McCarthy uses a Hydralada Maxi 540 Tandem Drive... Read More
09 April 2018

Chris Hood, building contractor Canterbury

Duncan Smith delivering yet another #Hydralada Industrial Maxi 540i Model elevated work platform to Chris Hood on one of Chris's many building projects in... Read More
01 December 2017

Craig Treneman of Bostocks talks Hydralada below...

BOSTOCK Orchards in Hawkes Bay recently took delivery of 15 x new Hydralada machines in time to thin small apples on their organic orchards. They have... Read More
27 October 2017

Kiwifruit shelter improves crop quality..and yeild.

Pictured here is Glen Ericksens new Hydralada Elevating Work Platform on rubber tracks putting up shelter on a kiwifruit block in Te Puke.  "This is... Read More
15 September 2017

The Hydralada factory boys are as busy as beavers!

A group photo taken at the factory before these elevated working platform machines are loaded into a shipping container bound for Northern Queensland... Read More
15 September 2017

Stoked with new elevating orchard platforms!

Ian Palmer, one of Motuekas apple growers is very pleased with his new Hydralada Quadlift Nblosi elevating orchard platform.  He ordered this machine... Read More
08 September 2017

Cooks Beach here we come!

Vaughn Williams contracts to avocado growers in Coromandel.  Today he drove down to Hastings and collected his new Hydralada Tandem Four Wheel Drive... Read More
08 September 2017

Rod Hibbert with his new Hydralada machine

Pictured standing alongside his new  Hydralada machine, Rod working with his son Lance have purchased two new machines this year for their avocado orchard... Read More
01 September 2017

AIM Sales in New South Wales delivers Hydralada MEWP

Rick Dalziel from AIM Sales in Griffith is busy selling Hydralada machines. Pictured here is Australian avocado grower John Romeo taking delivery of a new... Read More