Garry Miriwai - Tow and Blow Testimonial

Garry Muriwai is a contract grape grower based in Martinborough.
Garry has been growing grapes in Martinborough for just over 6 years.
Before the purchase of his Tow and Blow 650h Frost Fans, Garry started off by not expecting the need of frost protection as the area had not been hit by frosts.
However, in his second year it was evident that frost was a major risk as they lost a full year’s harvest due to frosts. At that stage Garry lived offshore and left it to their managers to suggest what to do. The next year was OK and then again, the next season they had frost damage. By this time, Garry had returned to NZ and decided they needed to be proactive and look at options to minimize losses. Garry looked at fixed machines, helicopters and water and finally settled on the Tow and Blow solution because of their simplicity and efficiencies along with all operational functions and features being adjustable which enabled him to fine tune and get his machines perfectly set up for the layout of his vineyards to eliminate any possibility of our properties getting frost damage.
Garry now operates 3 Tow and Blow 650h Frost Fan’s which are each placed on 4-5 hectare blocks.
Garry uses the 650h Frost Fan because this machine provides total coverage for each of his 3 blocks. These machines are very effective by the impressive amount of thrust they provide along with being very efficient.

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