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Introducing the TOW AND BLOW Diesel Auto Start Portable Wind Machine


All Diesel models come with Gearbox, utilising Planetary Rotating Gears with Soft Coupling, and have a Centrifugal clutch. All machines come supplied with weather proof engine / gearbox cover.

The Diesel model is manufactured with Auto Start controls specifically programmed for Tow & Blow requirements. New control software is programmed in 5 languages (English, French, Spanish, German and Italian), with easy interchange between languages on control screen.

Due to extra torque from diesel engine, the 5 blade fan has been able to increase the pitch, thereby increasing air velocity from the fan. All machines now have an extendable draw bar. All machines now have 3 different boom height settings to enable operation at lower height if required. Because of the stability of diesel fuel, we are able to use clear fuel tanks, which enable fuel level to be seen from ground level. Machines can be specified to come with long fuel line running through the pivot to enable connection to external bulk fuel supply (comes fitted with pump).

Protection area in normal radiation frost can be expected up to 5 hectares. Correct positioning to operate with the local cold air drift is required and consideration of other site factors are needed to ascertain the protection area.

Tow & Blow, the first truly portable Wind Machine developed by NZ’s foremost expert in the Wind Machine industry. The Tow & Blow introduces new technology to solve the inefficiencies and problems associated with traditional wind machines for frost protection.

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