What's happening at Hydralada right now?

01 December 2017

Another new Hydralada 360h Machine delivered in Victoria Australia

AIM Sales in Griffith New South Wales Australia recently delivered another new Hydralada Hi Lift 360h Machine to Ian Puckey, an orchardist in Kyvalley... Read More
01 December 2017

Excited to be demonstrating the new Bandit stump grinder!

Hydralada Company are the New Zealand distributor for Bandit Wood Chipper and Grinders, and their range of equipment is amazing.  Steve Cartwirght is the... Read More
01 December 2017

Craig Treneman of Bostocks talks Hydralada below...

BOSTOCK Orchards in Hawkes Bay recently took delivery of 15 x new Hydralada machines in time to thin small apples on their organic orchards. They have... Read More
27 October 2017

Picking mangoes in Darwin last week.

Picking mangoes with Hydralada machines is the most efficient method according to grower; NT Golden Produce.  "It allows us to measure picker output as... Read More
27 October 2017

Hoddy's Orchard love their Hydralada Platform

Canaan Balck;  orchard operations manager for Hoddy's Orchard in Nelson says they are extremely  pleased with the performance of their Hydralada Quadlift... Read More
27 October 2017

Kiwifruit shelter improves crop quality..and yeild.

Pictured here is Glen Ericksens new Hydralada Elevating Work Platform on rubber tracks putting up shelter on a kiwifruit block in Te Puke.  "This is... Read More
22 September 2017

More Hydralada Nblosi platforms being trucked south!

Orchard mechanisation saves time and time is money.  Hydralada Company are selling new machines both single person platforms and multi person platforms... Read More
22 September 2017

Pellenc Spraying in Hawkes Bay NZ.

Wow!  Pellenc Optimum 590 Multi Function Machinefitted with sprayer working six rows in one pass.  This is Craggy Range's new machine starting its spring... Read More
22 September 2017

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15 September 2017

Hydralada Company is now selling frost protection fans!

Pictured here is the  team at Hydralada Company learning about what makes the Tow & Blow frost protection fan so unique!   "We are excited to have another... Read More