What's happening at Hydralada right now?

02 December 2022

Hydralada Xmas Hours

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29 November 2022

Hydralada Rotary Vine Trimmer

Hydralada Trimmers are available in many configurations to suit every canopy style. Designed and manufactured to trim fast and efficiently, these rotary... Read More
18 November 2022

Protective Netting

Hydralada lifting platforms are the safest, most efficient way to construct protective netting structures. Ready for every challenge thrown their way. The... Read More
25 October 2022


NetPro Hawke'sk Bay customises solutions and netting structures to meet your needs! NetPro Hawke’s Bay is the number one provider of crop protection in... Read More
18 October 2022

Bandit® Model 12XP Compatible Brush Chipper Knive

Length (in) 9.000 Length (mm) 228.600 Width (in) 5.500 Width (mm) 139.700 Thickness (in) 0.625 Thickness (mm) 15.875 Material Modified A8 Material Tool... Read More
07 October 2022

Tow and Blow 630h Frost Fan

The Tow and Blow Portable Frost Fan Machine is proving to be the choice of many horticulturalists worldwide.  This New Zealand designed and manufactured... Read More
04 October 2022

Pellenc Fixion2 Tying Machine Kiwifruit

3 X FASTER! The Pellenc Fixion Tying Machine is specifically designed for tying down vines. In kiwifruit, it is easily 3 x FASTER! Watch Jatinder Singh... Read More
19 August 2022

We met up with Simon Easton - Nblosi Platforms on his Moutere Hills apple orchard

We met up with Simon Easton this winter using his Hydralada Nblosi Platforms on his Moutere Hills apple orchard.  Take a listen to what Simon has to... Read More
19 August 2022

Pellenc Twin Box Spreader - Harvest Hawkes Bay - Gimblett Gravels

IT’S A REAL WORKHORSE! With its two boxes, the TWIN BOX spreader is equipped with two variable speed chain and bar conveyors with a hydraulic gearbox and... Read More
19 August 2022

Jims Mowing - Raising money for Charity! Pellenc Raision 2 Battery Powered Lawn Mower

QUIET PLEASE, WE’RE MOWING! Mowing with consideration for the users well being….Pellenc Battery Power. Whether you choose the SMART or the EASY model, the... Read More
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