What's happening at Hydralada right now?

08 October 2019

Dave O'Keeffe pictured hear with a new 650h Tow and Blow

Dave O'Keeffe is excited with the new 650h Tow and Blow Frost Fan.    "It moves a serious amount of air while still offering all the benefits of its... Read More
08 October 2019

Tow and Blow Frost Fans are taking off!

The Tow and Blow Frost Fan is now available in two model variations.  The recently released 650h Model has greater air movement capacity to fight frost... Read More
04 October 2019

Workstation for your orchard all year round!

The machine shown in this photo has done over 3100 hours in two years - what does that tell you!   It has been used almost every day all year round. ... Read More
01 October 2019

Hydralada Orchard Platforms save time and money!

Hydralada offer the Nblosi Orchard Platform in a number of configurations.  Designed to increase the output all year round, pruning, tree training, and... Read More
01 October 2019

Prole Family Trust pleased with new Hydralada avocado picker

Pictured here with their new Hydralada Maxi 640 Tandem Drive is Steve Prole with his son Brandon.  They are very pleased with the machine which means they... Read More
23 August 2019

Overhead protection for value crops

Protective netting systems over many crops including apples is becoming mainstream.  Hydralada elevating work platforms make this job safe, easy,... Read More
09 August 2019

Turners and Growers staff open day great success!

Hydralada Elevating Work Platforms are an integral part of todays modern orchard.  Pictured here is the T&G staff open day on one of their orchards in... Read More
07 August 2019

Open for business.  Call us now 0800 888 887

Pictured here is Hydralada Company's head office in Hastings, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.  Suppliers of Specialist Machinery for Professionals.  Elevating... Read More
06 August 2019

Setting the pace of pruning!

If you are to have multiple  people pruning from one machine they must have room to move within the platform to compensate for tree variation.  The... Read More
06 August 2019

Perfect machine for the job!

Taranaki,  where the grass is green and the mud is tacky!  But that doesn't stop the work going on with Hydralada access for building.    Phone us now to... Read More