What's happening at Hydralada right now?

13 March 2019

Pellenc Optimum Harvest 2019!

Hydralada offers the full range of world renowned Pellenc vineyard equipment including Selectiv Process Optimum multifunctional grape harvesters,... Read More
13 March 2019

Bostock leads in organic orchard growing!

John Bostock is a Hawkes Bay entrepreneur. He’s well known for his ability to get the best from the land in a most sustainable way, preserving the gift of... Read More
21 February 2019

Alpine Building Timelapse.

Alpine shed from start of installation through to finish? Then check out this time-lapse of a transport repairs shed going up in Cromwell Read More
21 February 2019

Mike Wright

Mike Wright reckons Hydralada Elevating Work Platforms are the best access machines around for his building work.  Watch this video. Read More
21 February 2019

Hamish Haye, Chard Farm

Hamish Haye has good things to say about his Pellenc Leaf Remover and Hydralada Vine Trimmer.   Watch this video.   Read More
21 February 2019

Why do Bostocks use Hydralada?  Because it works!

This is a proven concept that works!   One person working from a Hydralada can do the work of three to four or more on other systems.  And even the apples... Read More
28 January 2019

Steve Reynolds grows Rockit Apples in Bay Of Plenty and does it well!

Steve Reynolds is pictured here with his orchard manager Mike Matheson.  They have just taken delivery of a brand new Hydralada to pick their Rockit... Read More
28 January 2019

2019 Full Steam Ahead!

Quality is a tradition at Hydralada!  All manufacturing and testing processes are continually monitored to ensure the client receives a safe, reliable,... Read More
28 January 2019

We are fans of Tow and Blow!

Tow and Blow Frost Fans, manufactured in Napier New Zealand and distributed right around the world.  Applications include - frost fighting, dust... Read More
22 January 2019

Duncan & Broughan Moore with their fleet of Hydralada Platforms.

Duncan Moore has a team of competent Hydralada operators working for him harvesting avocados throughout the Bay of Plenty.    Pictured here is Duncan and... Read More