Using Elevating Work Platforms to safely pick your fruit


Orchard platforms are a safer, more cost effective alternative.

Ladders are a common cause of orchard injuries in the horticulture industry.     Causes of ladder accidents include unstable ladder placement, over extension of the third leg of the ladder, slipping while descending, overloaded picking bags when climbing, and being hit by falling ladders.

The risk of using a ladder is higher than using  self propelled orchard platforms.  According to Health and Safety statistics last year 40% of falls from height were from step ladders. 

Elevating Work Platforms for picking your fruit (Cherry Picker):

Employers can improve safety and employee welfare by investing in good access equipment.    Access platforms also reduce downtime and significantly increase productivity as they only require one operator. Companies who use orchard platforms generally  see lower injury and accident rates. 

How to handle risk-taking behaviours

A more difficult  issue to grapple with is the risk-taking behavior on the part of workers anxious to get the job done, over loading the picking bag, and straining their backs.  In spite of training, hazardous practices such as using the top two steps, overreaching, or more ambitious ladder acrobatics like moving a ladder without first getting off,  still go on! 

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