All new website introducing fresh Hydralada brand


The Hydralada brand is synonymous with quality.

Get rid of any confusion!  That was the thinking from the start and now  Hydralada is the over arching brand name for the full product range available including Elevating Work Platforms, Bandit Wood Chippers and Pellenc Grape Harvesters. With three sub categories, Horticulture, Industrial and VinicultureHydralada is the name we all know that is synonymous with quality! With over 40 years in business the company saw the need to revitalise their image and with the help of Band Design have now introduced this awesome new-look website that supports their on-going commitment to providing their customers the very best in all areas - the best product - the best service -  at the best price!  You will find this new website is very systematic and user friendly with good flow providing all the necessary information in a clear format on any one of their products.  The second stage of the project is to add social media links that will further enhance your online experience with Hydralada!

Watch this space....

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