What's happening at Hydralada right now?

23 December 2019

Hydralada 640 Maxi  with Rubber Tracks ideal for Netting Structures

Another delivery!   Two new Hydralada Maxi 640h Model Machines for Protective Netting Structures Overhead protective netting structures covering Gold... Read More
19 December 2019

Summer Time In Hawkes Bay Orchards

Apple orchards are looking their best at this time of year! Small apples formed on the trees require thinning to ensure they develop into the best quality... Read More
06 December 2019

Street Tree Maintenance - Hydralada Elevating Work Platforms

Hydralada Elevating Work Platforms provide the solution to tree work in parks and reserves around the urban areas of cities and towns.   Phone us now 0064... Read More
06 December 2019

Municipal Access - Hydralada Elevating Work Platforms

Hydralada Elevating Work Platforms provide the solution to installing event signage, flags, decorations, street lights, and all municipality work at... Read More
06 December 2019

Thinning apples fast and efficient!

This machine has been working on apple orchards since 1999, thats 20 years of reliable service!   Contact Duncan now on 021 287 3008 or email... Read More
06 December 2019

Hydralada machines being delivered for apple thinning.

Thinning young apples from a Hydralada Machine is a very efficient procedure.  We have reports that one person working from a Hydralada machine can do... Read More
19 November 2019

Hydralada Maxi 640 on  Rubber Tracks for Sloping Ground

Hydralada Maxi 640h Model Machine with  Rubber Track Drive -  these machines can be operated safely on unprepared terrain and slopes of up to 20 degrees... Read More
12 November 2019

Are you ready to fight frost?  We have machines available for immediate delivery!

Give Tow and Blow a phone call now and prepare to fight the cold!    These portable frost fans are an effective and affordable solution to frost control... Read More
29 October 2019

Trailers for your Hydralada Machine

We have trailer options for you to easily transport your Hydralada Machine.  Phone now 0064 6 873 000 or email Read More
24 October 2019

Hydralada machine designed for mango harvest.

This Hydralada Machine has been specifically designed to harvest and prune mango trees.  It has an on-board solution tank with a  wash spray system... Read More