What's happening at Hydralada right now?

19 March 2021

Harvesting Grapes 2021

This time of the year is all go at Hydralada Company!    Specialising in harvesting equipment means the Hydralada team is heavily involved with many... Read More
16 March 2021

Hydralada T&G Apple Picking 2021

Due to the labour shortage brought on by COVID-19 mechanising apple harvest has been a focus of NZ growers! Hydralada Company specialises in all... Read More
10 February 2021

Hydralada orchard lift platforms greatly reduce your overall labour requirement.

This is a proven concept that works!   One person working from a Hydralada can do the work of three to four or more on other systems.  And even the apples... Read More
02 February 2021

Aztech Testimonial - Hydralada Industrial

This model is known as the workhorse due to its heavy duty construction and reliable  trouble-free operation. With the standard single man platform the... Read More
19 January 2021

Hydralada - Avoco Customer Story

New Zealand growers asked for consolidation as a way to better manage the supply of fruit to Australia and avoid flooding the market. Southern Produce and... Read More
21 December 2020

Trimmer Delivery 2020

39 Below Ltd Trimmer Delivery. Owners Paul McEvoy & Doug Stuart very pleased to take delivery of the VTR2 Inter Row Rotary Vine Trimmer. The Hydralada... Read More
30 November 2020

Hydralada orchard systems designed to save you money!

Hydralada specialise in orchard systems designed to save you money by making the job easier, safer, and more efficient.   Visit  Email... Read More
05 November 2020

Rose Ag Testimonial

New Zealand's optimum grape harvester from Pellenc.   A French company with a worldwide presence!   Quality is a tradition at Hydralada and Pellenc fit... Read More
09 October 2020

Increase efficiencies all year round with Hydralada.

With labour shortage concerns due to COVID travel restrictions,  growers are gearing up to mechanise and get the best productivity from their workers. ... Read More
08 October 2020

Hydralada P12 Self Levelling

Hydralada Company have more than 45 years of experience supplying  Self Propelled All Terrain Elevating Work Platforms.    Their range extends to include... Read More