What's happening at Hydralada right now?

13 March 2020

Pellenc Optimum Grape Harvesting - Quality is a tradition!

2020 Vintage - Quality is a tradition and that's why Pellenc Optimum Selectiv' Process Harvesters are the choice of leading winemakers.    Hydralada... Read More
09 March 2020

This apple picking platform just simply works!

Hydralada Company's Nblosi orchard platform just simply works. No sophistication! Simply fill the bin with apples and unload gently to the ground.  Safety... Read More
Hydralada work hard to support Darling Group
04 March 2020

Hydralada machines are a part of the Darling Group operation.

Darling Group have a fleet of Hydralada machines and offer their growers a service from picking to pruning, packing, and marketing avocados.    Based in... Read More
28 February 2020

Growers spend all year growing the perfect apple....We want to help you pick it!

Growing a perfect apple is a 12 month process.  We want to be a part of that process... At Hydralada Company we work hard to make sure our customer gets... Read More
28 February 2020

Brand new PELLENC Optimum Selectiv'  Process 2 Harvester picking Chardonnay

Brand new PELLENC Optimum Selectiv'  Process 2 Harvester picking Chardonnay An excellent start to the harvest, weather is great, and fruit is clean.  Top... Read More
28 February 2020

Absolutely stunning crop of Rockit (special small apple) grown in Hawkes Bay!

A great start to another apple harvest in sunny New Zealand! Hydralada Nblosi apple harvester harvesting a perfect crop of Rockit Apples on a perfect... Read More
23 December 2019

Hydralada Vine Trimmers - Quality Vineyard Equipment

These machines are designed to do thousands of kilometers of vine trimming. Hydralada rotary vine trimmers are built to last, do a neat tidy job,  without... Read More
23 December 2019

Hydralada 640 Maxi  with Rubber Tracks ideal for Netting Structures

Another delivery!   Two new Hydralada Maxi 640h Model Machines for Protective Netting Structures Overhead protective netting structures covering Gold... Read More
19 December 2019

Summer Time In Hawkes Bay Orchards

Apple orchards are looking their best at this time of year! Small apples formed on the trees require thinning to ensure they develop into the best quality... Read More
20 May 2019

Kurt Ogier is pleased to take delivery of his new Hydralada 802 Tandem

Marhsall Contracting has an enthusiastic team, including Kurt Ogier pictured here with his new Hydralada Maxi 802 Widetrack Adjustable.  This allows Kurt... Read More