What's happening at Hydralada right now?

Aircraft Hangers
27 March 2020

Building small aircraft hangers with Hydralada EWP

Alpine Buildings (based out of Timaru) put Hydralada Elevating Work Platforms to good use building aircraft hangers.  This single engine plane now has a... Read More
18 March 2020

Making building and construction work safe, quick, and easy.

Pictured here is Ross McLean and his team from Country Construction based in the Manawatu, central New Zealand.  They operate three Hydralada Elevating... Read More
21 February 2019

Alpine Building Timelapse.

Alpine shed from start of installation through to finish? Then check out this time-lapse of a transport repairs shed going up in Cromwell Read More
21 February 2019

Mike Wright

Mike Wright reckons Hydralada Elevating Work Platforms are the best access machines around for his building work.  Watch this video. Read More
28 January 2019

2019 Full Steam Ahead!

Quality is a tradition at Hydralada!  All manufacturing and testing processes are continually monitored to ensure the client receives a safe, reliable,... Read More
14 January 2019

Hydralada - Pivot Irrigator Maintenance

Benparts recently took delivery of a Hydralada 640i Maxi Model Machine for servicing pivot irrigators in South Australia.  This picture illustrates how... Read More
14 January 2019

Hydralada Nblosi Demonstration

The Nblosi Quad Lift platform is designed to work in intensively planted orchards. Manufactured in Italy, the machine is four wheel drive, four wheel... Read More
11 January 2019

Hydralada Harvest Aid - Picking fruit efficiently!

Hydralada specialise in harvest aids to enable fruit to be picked in the most efficient way without sacrificing quality.  Systems include fruit conveyors... Read More
13 December 2018

Valley Pivot Irrigator Servicing

Those long irrigators you see stretching across the landscape, sometimes encompassing more then one paddock by straddling fences are a lot taller than you... Read More
28 November 2018

Sabre Construction

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