What's happening at Hydralada right now?

15 August 2023

Two Rivers - Trust your pump!

🍷 Discover the Art of Boutique Wines at Two Rivers Winery! At Two Rivers, it's all about crafting quality boutique wines! Their secret lies in using... Read More
10 July 2023

Pellenc Visio tractor-mounted pre-pruner

In the world of vineyard maintenance, the Pellenc Visio tractor-mounted pre-pruner stands out as the ultimate solution for streamlining the process of... Read More
20 June 2023

Kate Radburnd - Radburnd Cellars | Pellenc Winery Equipment

Kate Radburnd is one of New Zealand's highly respected winemakers. For over 40 years she's been doing what she loves most – making great wine and sharing... Read More
30 May 2023

Be Prepared and cut back on labor costs!

What is the effectiveness of tractor-mounted vine trimmers for pruning grapevines or other similar crops? As a language model, I can tell you that... Read More
10 May 2023

ID-ROLL Weedeater - Cyclone Gabrielle Cleanup

Reversible frame with finger shoe and star roller. Design for a perfect elimination of small weeds between plants formed in rows. Standard Equipment •... Read More
10 May 2023

Pellenc Optimum XLE | Side Discharge Arm

Harvest Non-Stop! XLE-SP2 Optimum harvesting head comes with a side discharge arm and standard with Selectiv’ Process 2 on board! The XLE allows you to... Read More
29 November 2022

Hydralada Rotary Vine Trimmer

Hydralada Trimmers are available in many configurations to suit every canopy style. Designed and manufactured to trim fast and efficiently, these rotary... Read More
07 October 2022

Tow and Blow 630h Frost Fan

The Tow and Blow Portable Frost Fan Machine is proving to be the choice of many horticulturalists worldwide. This New Zealand designed and manufactured... Read More
04 October 2022

Pellenc Fixion2 Tying Machine Kiwifruit

3 X FASTER! The Pellenc Fixion Tying Machine is specifically designed for tying down vines. In kiwifruit, it is easily 3 x FASTER! Watch Jatinder Singh... Read More
19 August 2022

Pellenc Twin Box Spreader - Harvest Hawkes Bay - Gimblett Gravels

IT’S A REAL WORKHORSE! With its two boxes, the TWIN BOX spreader is equipped with two variable speed chain and bar conveyors with a hydraulic gearbox and... Read More