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25 November 2021

Ground Crop Frost Protection | Blueberries

GROUND CROPS | BLUEBERRY CROPS - An efficient and affordable wind machine for blueberry crop frost protection. Developed by New Zealand experts for the... Read More
24 November 2021

Have the assurance... Protect your crop!

Developed by New Zealand experts for the world market, the Tow And Blow Machine introduces new technology to solve the inefficiencies and problems... Read More
10 November 2021

John Galloway - Tow and Blow Testimonial

John Galloway grows kiwifruit and avocados at Athenree near the Waihi Beach coastline. Its a lovely spot to grow fruit! However, John does get some spring... Read More
06 September 2021

Lismore Wines - Delivery

Mobile frost protection with Tow and Blow. A frost protection system that is truly mobile. More and more growers are using Tow and Blow, a truly versatile... Read More
17 August 2021

Garry Miriwai - Tow and Blow Testimonial

Garry Muriwai is a contract grape grower based in Martinborough. Garry has been growing grapes in Martinborough for just over 6 years. Before the purchase... Read More
01 July 2021

650h Machine Overview and Features

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01 July 2021

650h Frost Protection That Works!

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16 June 2021

Tow and Blow in action

All Diesel models come with Gearbox, utilising Brevini Planetary Rotating Gears with ‘Centa’  Soft Coupling (both Italian made), and have... Read More
12 December 2018

Frost Protection for the vineyard

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12 December 2018

Livestock Cooling

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