Ground Crop Frost Protection | Blueberries


GROUND CROPS | BLUEBERRY CROPS - An efficient and affordable wind machine for blueberry crop frost protection. Developed by New Zealand experts for the world market, the Tow And Blow Machine introduces new technology to solve the inefficiencies and problems associated with traditional wind machines used for frost protection. 

The unique design of this fan and shroud provides protection for all crops grown on flat ground, in valleys, or on hills. The ability to angle the fan impeller and oscillate the fan head for these applications allows exceptional versatility, setting the machine apart from traditional fans.  

Portability is second to none! Easily transported behind a vehicle the machine can be relocated quickly, with retractable stabiliser legs which are lowered to a secure and level position before elevating the fan to fight the frost.
Check out the price! Affordable frost protection can you be your assurance today.

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