John Galloway - Tow and Blow Testimonial

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John Galloway grows kiwifruit and avocados at Athenree near the Waihi Beach coastline. Its a lovely spot to grow fruit! However, John does get some spring frosts here from time to time, not many, but enough for him to look at some form of frost protection. Johns choice was the Tow and Blow fan due to its mobility and also its quiet operation! The machine is situated not far from our house and other neighbours so the quieter the better!

There is the option to have a smartphone connection which John hasn't bothered with but its optional for those that want to be able to monitor the machine remotely. The set-up is very simple with a touchpad screen computer.
The engine is so easy to service, simply lower the fan to the ground and work on it from there, and of course in the off season we put it away in a shed for storage which keeps it in excellent condition. I would certainly recommend the Tow and Blow option, it is a very effective and cost efficient way to protect your kiwifruit! 

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