Two Rivers - Trust your pump!

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🍷 Discover the Art of Boutique Wines at Two Rivers Winery! At Two Rivers, it's all about crafting quality boutique wines! Their secret lies in using stainless vessels and concrete eggs, resulting in a truly unique and exceptional taste experience! The game-changer? The Oneo Pump from Hydralada! This versatile wonder allows them to blend with unmatched accuracy. Plus, with customisable options based on volumes and a remote control feature, it's like having an extra expert right in the winery! Watch Two Rivers as they perfect their craft.

Here is some background info on the PMH vinicole smart pumps, the ‘oenopompe’:


These are the ‘Rolls Royce’ in the pump world - built and specified to order. With advanced multifunction technology and simple to use controls this pump will save you time, labour and money whilst being incredibly gentle.

Key features:

  • Unique, long-life and and extremely gentle helical lobes (pump 100,000,000 litres before replacing)
  • Multifunctional from juice, must, lees to bentonite…no problem
  • Proven up to 5 x less oxygen than other pumps (as proven in Champagne)
  • Long-range wireless and watertight remote (tested 500m range, floats and lasts 30 days+ on single charge)
  • In-line Krohne electromagnetic flow-meter (99.7% accuracy) and calibrated for life from factory
  • Pressure sensors control pump via valve opening / closing
  • Pressure regulation – operate the pump under a maximum pressure threshold (effective for filtering)
  • Automatic butterfly valve (guarantees nil backflow)
  • Run-dry protection (independent priming and running settings)
  • Zero loss draining valves (perfect for high end wine retention and deep sanitation)
  • Big colour touch screen control assists easy operating
  • Slave / servo control (press, bottling line, filter, etc)
  • Flow rates for all cellars from 1,500 to 100,000 l/hr

PLC has option to connect to SCADA (or other systems), wifi connectivity for control or relaying of screen parameters into a central database, nitrogen sparge connections or many custom options to suit your needs.

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