To be safe as well as productive is the challenge!


Our aim is to tick both boxes.

Hydralada Elevating Work Platforms are safe and productive. With everyone very conscious of the increased focus on workplace health and safety since new legislation came into effect in April this year, avocado growers are taking proactive steps to make sure all machinery meets the standard while not losing sight of the importance of productivity to ensure their business is sustainable. Estimates show world consumption of avocados is increasing as much as 15% in the coming years. This news was to be expected, given the fruit's high content of essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, which have motivated a steady growth in demand. This coming season is going to be a big one for New Zealand growers with trees laden with high quality fruit. "Getting the crop off the tree is an important part of the growing process, and Hydralada machines make this job both safe and efficient" says John Cotterell, a Katikati grower and consultant. "With strong demand from avo growers in both NZ and Australia, the factory in Hastings is in full production working hard to meet delivery targets for the coming season, which this year starts as early as mid June on Motiti Island", says company director Jason Smith.