Hydralada manlifts are not only for orchards!

20170330 Security Fencing.jpg

Pictured here is a Hydralada elevating work platform fixing security fencing.

All around the country you will find Hydralada machines doing work at elevation for a wide range of jobs where height needs to be overcome.  In days gone by the perception was that Hydralada elevating work platforms were for orchards - picking fruit and pruning trees.  Although they are still used extensively for this work and continue to be an important piece of machinery on todays modern orchard,  Hydralada's ability to work on unprepared ground and slopes of up to 20 degrees is opening up more and more opportunities for this all terrain platform.   Total Fencing Solutions in Hawkes Bay are seen here using a Maxi 604i four wheel drive Hydralada machine to repair security fencing surrounding a land fill site in Omaranui.  "Nothing else in the access equipment market would hold a candle to it" says Brad Smith who looks after Hydralada Hire.  "Wet, uneven, sloping, slippery, the 640i four wheel drive boomlift goes anywhere!"  Contact Bradley for more information on the hire Hydralada manlift machines available on 021 245 9983 or email   Website