New Machines head for Northland


Avocado harvest underway.

Avocados are like gold at the moment with record returns from both export and domestic markets. One fruit has been fetching as much as $6.00 in the supermarket and growers are hopeful this high will continue as they begin to harvest the new season's fruit.  Pictured here is five new Hydralada Maxi 640 Model Machines heading for their new home - orchards in Northland. "We normally deliver the machines on our own truck but when there are numbers of units, it is better to use a carrier" says Jason, a Company Director. "We drive up in our ute and trailer to rendezvous with Palmerston Transport and collect the machines to deliver to their new owners". Hydralada Company's factory has a busy schedule in the months ahead and there will be numbers of machines being transported throughout both New Zealand and Australia.

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