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Narrow or wide vines, you can now efficiently spray three to six rows at the same time in just one pass. Adaptable to the needs of each vine grower, EOLE incorporates the latest PELLENC innovations in terms of ease of use, protecting the environment, and operator safety. High capacity, high efficiency.

With PELLENC dual downpipes, the distance between the diffusers and the plant canopy can be adjusted in order to maintain the optimum spraying quality, regardless of the spacing between the rows and the density of the plant growth. Thanks to the pendular suspension of the downpipes, that optimum spraying distance is maintained from top to bottom regardless of any lateral tilt.
  • Tank capacity of 2000 or 3000 litres
  • 300 litres of water on board for rinsing
  • High performance variable flow pump suitable for filling the tanks and all sorts of spraying jobs
  • 3 fans positioned as close as possible to the downpipes to reduce pressure drops and ensure a constant spray quality
Learning how to use it is very easy
  • Intuitive sprayer-specific interface on the EASY TOUCH console.
  • The operator can see the active sections, ground tracking, and tank levels on the screen.
  • Built-in product integrator
For precision work
  • Surface-by-surface spraying for greater accuracy in the row.
  • Approved sprayer for reducing unsprayed buffer zones with all types of anti-drift nozzles.
Remarkably easy to handle
  • Automatic width adjustment
  • The downpipes are located as close as possible to the carrier to facilitate manoeuvring.
  • Safety mechanism on the downpipes in the event of snagging.
  • The pressurization of the cab is synchronized with the start-up of the sprayer fans: no oversight is possible.
  • An alarm is triggered in the event of a malfunction (door not properly closed, for example, etc.).
  • Hour counter for the active carbon filter on the EASY TOUCH console, with a “time to replace” alert.