Pellenc Pre Pruner - Visio/Disco

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Are you wondering how you are going to get all your pruning done this winter? Take the hard work out of the job and talk to us today about the Pellenc Pre Pruner Machine! This machine is available mounted either on a conventional tractor or it can be operated from the Optimum multi-function machine. The Visio complete with mulching discs and post detection system removes the canes to a predetermined height and drops them to the ground in short pieces leaving the wires clean. The Disco option is an effective alternative for precision pre pruning result.  This takes the hard work out of cane removal allowing you to carry out precise spur or traditional cane pruning up to 80 % faster!  

Talk to Hydralada Company today and ask which option is best for you.  Ian Wilson 021 220 3901 or Matthew Smith 021 287 3006. Email

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