Trimming at Echodale on shiny new machines

Our new machines ensure we are up to speed with safety.

Steve is the owner of Echodale Marketing, and not only an excellent grower of quality fruit, but a professional marketer distributing produce all over New Zealand.  Following in his fathers footsteps (Phil Malcolm), Steve is passionate about what they do, and his son Brad works closely with Steve overseeing the whole operation.  Hydralada machines are used all year round at Echodale, pruning, thinning, and harvesting.  The two new machines delivered this week replace two 1995 model machines which have done many many hours of work.  "We could see we needed to up the program and ensure our machines meet the latest safety regulations, and Hydralada Company assured us their latest model 300h Compact is AS/NZS 1418-10 2011 compliant" says Steve.

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