Craig enjoys working on the Hydralada production line


"Working on the assembly line is both rewarding and good fun!"

Craig Walters has been with Hydralada Company for many years and enjoys assembling new elevating work platforms.  The work is clean and systematic and the end result rewarding.  All new machines are engineered, and sub assembled in the Hastings factory, with the final finishing touches done by Craig and the team before being delivered to the a distributor or direct to the new owner.  Over more than 40 years Hydralada MEWP 's have developed a reputation as a high quality, reliable, and efficient machine.  With a large percentage of Hydralada platforms sold for horticultural work on orchards around the world, they now produce models that meet the  Industrial Standard for building and construction access work.  Want to know more?   Contact one of the friendly salesman via web or email to know more?