What's happening at Hydralada right now?

Apple Harvest 2021

Harvesting Grapes 2021

Hydralada T&G Apple Picking 2021

Hydralada orchard lift platforms greatly reduce your overall labour requirement.

Aztech Testimonial - Hydralada Industrial

Hydralada - Avoco Customer Story

Trimmer Delivery 2020

Hydralada orchard systems designed to save you money!

Rose Ag Testimonial

Hydralada Machines will significantly increase efficiencies all year round.

Hydralada P12 Self Levelling

Pellenc XL60 Grape Harvester

Hydralada orchard lift platforms greatly reduce your overall labour requirement.

Russel Gamman - 640 Tandem with Trailer

Who loves Avocados? A smashing opportunity!

Pera Pellenc Smart Press

Pellenc Tractor Tow Behind Harvester

Hydralada Rotary Vine Trimmers

Pellenc Winery Equipment

Hydralada Nblosi Quad Lift

Hydralada T&G Delivery 2020

Pellenc Leaf Remover

ID-WEEDER - Ideal equipment for weed control.

Pellenc Optimum Grape Harvester 2020

Hydralada Pruning

Katikati avocado growers Mike and Heather love their new Hydralada

Hydralada lift platforms make working at height safe and easy.

Blueberries in Waikato are on a roll.

Building small aircraft hangers with Hydralada EWP

Making building and construction work safe, quick, and easy.

Pellenc Optimum Grape Harvesting - Quality is a tradition!

This apple picking platform just simply works!

Hydralada machines are a part of the Darling Group operation.

Growers spend all year growing the perfect apple....We want to help you pick it!

Brand new PELLENC Optimum Selectiv'  Process 2 Harvester picking Chardonnay

Absolutely stunning crop of Rockit (special small apple) grown in Hawkes Bay!

Hydralada Vine Trimmers - Quality Vineyard Equipment

Hydralada 640 Maxi  with Rubber Tracks ideal for Netting Structures

Summer Time In Hawkes Bay Orchards

Street Tree Maintenance - Hydralada Elevating Work Platforms

Municipal Access - Hydralada Elevating Work Platforms

Thinning apples fast and efficient!

Hydralada machines being delivered for apple thinning.

Hydralada Maxi 640 on  Rubber Tracks for Sloping Ground

Are you ready to fight frost?  We have machines available for immediate delivery!

Trailers for your Hydralada Machine

Hydralada machine designed for mango harvest.

Dave O'Keeffe pictured hear with a new 650h Tow and Blow

Tow and Blow Frost Fans are taking off!

Workstation for your orchard all year round!

Hydralada Orchard Platforms save time and money!

Prole Family Trust pleased with new Hydralada avocado picker

Overhead protection for value crops

Turners and Growers staff open day great success!

Open for business.  Call us now 0800 888 887

Setting the pace of pruning!

Perfect machine for the job!

Duncan is demonstrating Hydralada Access Equipment to Hire Companies

Take the hard work out of pruning this year!

Chard Farm love their Pellenc Leaf Remover

Kurt Ogier is pleased to take delivery of his new Hydralada 802 Tandem

Reuben Marshall over sees delivery of three new Hydralada machines

Barge across to Motiti Island Bay Of Plenty

Pellenc Optimum Harvest 2019!

Bostock leads in organic orchard growing!

Alpine Building Timelapse.

Mike Wright

Hamish Haye, Chard Farm

Why do Bostocks use Hydralada?  Because it works!

Steve Reynolds grows Rockit Apples in Bay Of Plenty and does it well!

2019 Full Steam Ahead!

We are fans of Tow and Blow!

Duncan & Broughan Moore with their fleet of Hydralada Platforms.

Hydralada harvesting avocados in Bay Of Plenty NZ

Hydralada - Pivot Irrigator Maintenance

These guys are stoked!  Four new machines for the New Year!

Hydralada Nblosi Demonstration

Hydralada Harvest Aid - Picking fruit efficiently!

Valley Pivot Irrigator Servicing

Alistair Harvey

Sabre Construction

Hops growing near Tapawera South Island NZ

Creating a controlled environment with overhead netting.....

Marathon Mangoes gear up for harvest!

Turners and Growers adopt the latest systems.

Oranges and Lemons!

Paul Stevens from Gisborne a happy man!

Sean Maguire is happy with his two new Hydralada machines.

Munro Construction Limited busy building sheds in South Island

Hydralada Co Admin Team

Sabre Construction love their new machine!

Hydralada for overhead protective canopy

Tow and Blow - Dust Settling

Hydralada Nblosi Quad Lift Platform In Action!

Turners and Growers use Hydralada Quad Lift Orchard Platform

Tow and Blow Frost Control

Hydralada offer a complete harvesting system

Pine Cone Harvesting with Hydralada Platforms

Avocado Growers Get Together

New Zealand Avocado Industry Conference 2018

Operator Training For 2018 Avocado Season

Grant Andrews Hydralada delivery

Pellenc Pre Pruner

Pivot Irrigators

News | Hydralada Access Equipment for Farm Barn Construction

Hydralada Rubber Track Drive System

Jim Blanche - Manager at 45 South Otago NZ

Shannon Peak of A1 Avocados has a passion for the industry

Hydralada Towing Safety

Hoddy's Fruit Company - Apple Harvest in Nelson

Superior Exterior Testimonial

Mcnatty Construction Hydralada Product Video

Chris Hood, building contractor Canterbury

Karl Branson on site with Hydralada

Palmy Transport on the road again.

Builders see value in Hydralada

Paul Gordon takes delivery

Pro Arbore Hastings with their New Bandit 1390

USA Apple Growers visit NZ Orchards

Leaf removing in Queenstown Vineyards

Gone Fishing!

Superior Exteriors new Wood Chipper

Another new Hydralada 360h Machine delivered in Victoria Australia

Excited to be demonstrating the new Bandit stump grinder!

Craig Treneman of Bostocks talks Hydralada below...

Picking mangoes in Darwin last week.

Hoddy's Orchard love their Hydralada Platform

Kiwifruit shelter improves crop quality..and yeild.

More Hydralada Nblosi platforms being trucked south!

Pellenc Spraying in Hawkes Bay NZ.

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Hydralada Company is now selling frost protection fans!

The Hydralada factory boys are as busy as beavers!

Stoked with new elevating orchard platforms!

Cooks Beach here we come!

Rod Hibbert with his new Hydralada machine

2017 Bragato Conference this week in Marlborough

Turners & Growers Winter Open Day

AIM Sales in New South Wales delivers Hydralada MEWP

Australia company pleased with Hydralada MEWP

Demonstration of the new orchard platform in Central Otago

Hire Industry HIANZ annual conference.

Hydralada competition a drawcard to the National Hort Field Days

Building sheds using Hydralada access equipment is safe!

New delivery to avocado grower in Robinvale Victoria

National Horticultural Field Days

Andrew Clow is pleased with his new Hydralada Machine

Truckloads of Hydralada's

Avocado grower pleased with his new machine!

Spraying blueberries the easy way!

Look what we found at Mystery Creek!

Hungry for wood - big wood!

Professional pruning with years of experience!

Hydralada delivers more new orchard platforms.

Hydralada machines can be three to four times faster than ladders.

Pruning from a Hydralada platform is much safer!

Craig enjoys working on the Hydralada production line

Turners & Growers take delivery of new Hydralada Platforms

Mystery Creek is full of Hydralada platforms!

Pruning stonefruit in Central Otago NZ

Vailima Orchards covers apples.

Don't miss out on this used Pellenc Harvester!

Brand new Pellenc grape harvester heads south.

Thanks for your business Paul!

Hydralada manlifts are not only for orchards!

Hope the rain holds off - grapes looking good!

Apple harvest going well!

Using Elevating Work Platforms to safely pick your fruit

New Harvesters Arriving By The Day

All new website introducing fresh Hydralada brand

The first pocket battery pruners arrive

To be safe as well as productive is the challenge!

Hydralada Access MEWPs are the safe way to build

New Zealand winegrowers enjoy a vintage year

New Machines head for Northland

Yellow truck clocks up the km's

New Hydralada Access Platforms Working In Taihape

Summer Time In Hawkes Bay Orchards

One of New Zealands hot spots

Trimming at Echodale on shiny new machines

The best grape vine trimmer from Hydralada Company

Filming crew hire Hydralada machine

End of year staff lunch

Low Voltage Fibreglass Platform

Hydralada trailers now available

Film crew at work